Plastic Cards



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who can print a card — any card?
you can.

The trick to creating plastic cards that are both durable and beautiful is using a complete solution from Sun Chemical. For brand owners, that means making a lasting impression.

For manufacturers, it means getting everything from magnetic tape and UV-curing inks to brand protection and color consistency — all from a single source.

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Below you will find additional features and benefits for Sun Chemical’s Plastic Card Offering:

Brand Name
SunCarte UV Offset
UV curable offset litho ink system Optimized resin chemistry Bond strength in excess of required ISO standards
Four color process set, blending colors Heat resistant pigments Minimal color change after lamination
Special high density white and density black Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates Robust prints
Very good litho properties Optimized press performance
SunCarte UV Plastic Card
UV curable screen inks and adhesive UV curing Fast print speeds, instant cure, excellent screen stability
Opaque white, dense black, special clears for printing metallic colors and pearls, UV clear can be used an adhesive Optimized resin chemistry High bond strength in excess of ISO standards
Solvent free/ green solution No VOC’s, no requirement for gas or electric dryers, huge energy savings
Long flowing ink rheology designed for use on cylinder presses Print speeds from 1,000 to 2,000 sheets per hour
SolarSmart ID
UV curable screen inks, opaque white and clear Optimized resin chemistry High bond strength even with full coverage
Excellent adhesion to polycarbonate Robust prints immediately after curing
Super opaque white Facilitates use for clear and colored core substrates
Non-yellowing clear Can be used as an adhesive or as a carrier for security features
Base Offering is available in both standard and custom colors:

  • Standard – black, silver and gold
  • Custom colors available upon request
Branding Solutions are available for financial institutions with a wide range of possibilities:

  • MagBrand is available to enhance your brand and allows you to rethink the traditional mag tape area
  • Transform your laminated or plastic card and use this space to deliver a unique message to consumers
  • DIC and Sun Chemical offer a unique branding solution − all from a single source
DIC high quality magnetic tapes are available to work in partnership with SunCarte UV Plastic Card Series inks. These Mag Tape options offer strong characteristics for the Financial, Retail and Security Card Market.