Sustainable, Innovative, and On Trend Color for Coatings

Whether for automotive, industrial, or decorative coatings, we offer a pigment solution for your application.

Our colorants comply with the latest global regulations, helping contribute to your product’s safety and sustainability. We innovate to reach another universe of color, expanding the color space beyond what can be created today. Further, we consider the color trends of tomorrow to keep your stylings current and exciting.

Coatings Color Trends


Two-Wheeler Color Trends

With our Two-Wheeler Color Presentation, we outline trends and colors for two-wheeler coating formulations that will be developed in 2022-2025. Featuring our recent product innovations, the program highlights chromatic and matte mono-coat shades.


Color of the Moment

Color design, whether driven by inspiration, a trend or a specific shade objective, allows creative exploration of novel color spaces. Evoked by transitory experiences, the Color of the Moment series features formulations for coatings with our innovative pigments and effects.


Global Color Presentation

Balancing our connection to “Nature,” “Technology” and “Virtual Freedom,” the latest Global Color Trends for automotive coatings show how pigment innovations enable new design possibilities.

Apply these digital effect shades to your designs.

Innovation in Coatings


PigmentViewer App

Experience effect and color pigments in a realistic format just as a physical sample under a light source.


Lumina® Effect Pigments

Lumina® Effect Pigments are the perfect solution for formulators seeking to create exciting new colors and stunning effects.


Paliocrom® offers you maximum chroma and brilliant metallic effects for yellow-to-red premium colors. Discover our new Paliocrom® Satin Gold


Xfast® Solid Stir-in Solution

Benefit from only stirring in this dry pigment preparation in your binder system with a significant reduction of your energy investment, saving time and effort!

Predisol® Pigment Preparations

Predisol® CAB is a finely pre-dispersed, non-dusting pigment preparation for coatings. It enables excellent coloristic properties in a very short processing time.


COMPAL® PC for Powder Coatings

Benda-Lutz® COMPAL® PC is a new technology for the safe handling of aluminum powders. The unique product eliminates dusting and is not classified as hazardous for storage and shipping.

Improve LiDAR Signal Response

Automotive coating formulations using NIR transparent or reflective functional pigments deliver superior signal response, improving object detection.

eXpand!® Stir-in Pigments

Compatible with modern automotive coating systems, these advanced pigments combine high transparency with high tinting strength for unique, intense shades with lower scattering.


Benda-Lutz® Metallics for Coatings

Our expertise with Benda-Lutz® metallics ranges from coatings applications, including protective as well as decorative solutions, to demanding applications including facades and automotive.



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Sustainable Coatings

Color Our Future Lead-free!

By supporting more sustainable alternatives in the paint and coatings industries and placing a focus on cost efficiency, we demonstrate how lead-free pigments improve formulation performance as well as value-in-use versus former lead-based coatings.

100% USA Mica

Mica is a safe, naturally derived mineral and a commonly found ingredient in automotive and decorative coatings. It creates dazzling and shimmering effects. Our mica offers total peace of mind, 100% ethically sourced. Dig deeper into USA Mica. 

Solar Heat Management

Reducing thermal load, CO2-emissions and energy costs, while enhancing comfort: Coatings with Spectrasense™ and Sicopal® functional pigments keep even the darkest surfaces cool. Learn more about coatings for solar heat management.

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