Consumer Products

Delivering Color Materials for Consumer Products

Consumer products are part of our everyday lives, and color helps personalize our experience. Let us support you in creating products with an exciting design that also meet your technical requirements.

We serve the following industries in the consumer products segment: arts & crafts, building materials, paper, nonwovens, textile, dipped latex, leather, and pen, among others.

Arts & Crafts

Our colorful solutions are not only vibrant, but also compliant and safe.

Paper Colorants

We have specially developed colorants to meet your needs for décor paper, laminate paper, art paper, paper whitening, special technical paper, and more.

Dipped Latex

We optimize to meet product coloration needs for numerous applications, including gloves, balloons, finger cots, swimming caps, and more.


We have a broad range of colorants and effect products that are suitable for leather, writing instruments, and other applications with consistent color appearance and performance.


Our nonwoven colorants are formulated for industrial wipes, automotive, construction, hygiene, and other coloration needs.


Our stir-in pigment preparations designed for indoor surface decorative concrete coloration are suitable for micro-topping and overlay applications.

Pigment Finder: Explore Our Portfolio of Colorants for Consumer Products


Explore our entire line of pigments for consumer products with Pigment Finder.

This video will explain how you can explore our coatings portfolio. Using Pigment Finder, you can filter by color, substrate, chemistry, performance requirement or application.

Register for a verified account on Pigment Finder and get access to side-by-side product comparison, product data, certifications, as well as our latest presentations! This video shows how.

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