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Sun Chemical is a Global Leader of Metal Decorating Solutions for Metal Packaging

In the world of metal packaging, Sun Chemical stands at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. Our acclaimed metal decorating product families—SunDuo, SunTrio, and SunAltec—are crafted to meet the diverse needs of can makers, converters, and brand owners. Whether it’s for two-piece or three-piece cans, sleek aluminum tubes, or aerosol containers, our ink, coating and color management solutions are engineered to perfection.


Sun Chemical’s SunDuo inks for two-piece cans optimize metal can print production with good press performance and a high pigment load. The inks are suitable for the printing of non-varnish and overvarnish steel and aluminum beverage cans.

With excellent printability at high speeds, the SunDuo ink series provides good mileage and a trouble-free process for customers producing two-piece metal cans.

Designed for the metal packaging market, we’ve developed a range of specialized solutions for metal decoration that allow packaging to be both functional and appealing, ensuring the packaging does not go unnoticed on the shelf. Listen to the Packaging Strategies podcast to learn more.



Suitable for all types of metal cans and closures, from crowns to pails, aluminum pilfer-proof caps, aerosols, food cans, drawn fish cans and more, Sun Chemical’s SunTrio offers a range of versatile, flexible, cost-effective and highly resilient inks for three-piece metal deco applications.

Featuring low misting and good adhesion between layers and to the substrate, the range is available in conventional and UV versions with excellent printability at high speeds. The range also includes migration-compliant inks available for food and other sensitive packaging.

With excellent press performance and Nestlé compliance for all applications, SunTrio enables converters and canmakers to efficiently produce metal packaging.


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Metal Decorating on Cans, Bottles and Tubes

Inkjet Inks and Varnishes for Digital Printing on Metal Cans and Packaging

Sustainable Color Management with SunColorBox

Two SunColorBox Tools Designed for Metal Decorators

SunDigiProof-Logo-SunColorBox-depicts-digital-printing-proofAccelerate Designs with SunDigiProof

At the core of our color management suite lies the groundbreaking SunDigiProof service, a digital proofing solution revolutionizing the metal packaging industry. This service enables the rapid production and validation of color and design targets on digital proofs that emulate the metal substrate with unparalleled fidelity. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of color approval.


SunDigiGuide-Logo-digitally-printed-book-digital-color-managementRequest Your Book of Brand Colors with SunDigiGuide

Sun Chemical’s SunDigiGuide is a digitally printed book (very much like a Pantone book) that is designed to help converters show their brand owner customers the full choice of the spot colors they already have at their disposal. Learn more about our SunDigiGuide offering or discover our recent collaboration on two-piece cans.

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