Graphic Solutions: Your Printing, Our Commitment

Since its inception in 1818, Sun Chemical has been at the forefront of technological advancement and established itself as a pioneer in the printing industry. With over two hundred years of rich history, we stand today as a testament to innovation, quality, and the relentless pursuit of perfection in color and performance.

With an unparalleled legacy comes unmatched expertise. At Sun Chemical, we are more than just a supplier; we are a partner in printing excellence. Our team of specialists provides the expertise that comes from decades of experience and a passion for printing that transforms problems into solutions.

Sun Chemical’s multi-disciplinary packaging and graphics team, work with the “4 Elements” methodology to provide our customers with a balanced perspective across their graphic printing portfolio. The approach provides a framework to interpret their requirements, develop the right solutions and measure success.

These “4 Elements” are in harmony, yet in a constant state of change, and designed to simplify the complex.


Defining and differentiating brands to generate value.


Driving productivity to create a competitive advantage across our service offering.


Defending and protecting our customer, and their customer.


Reducing waste, conserving resources and promoting a circular economy.

Experience Transformation with Sun Chemical's Continued Focus and Support for Graphics Printing

Our history is the foundation which drives our continued focus and support in the industry. When you are choosing a partner committed to pushing the boundaries of print technology, select Sun Chemical for all your graphic solutions.



Solutions for Every Graphics Application

For Screen Printers

Elevate the art of screen printing with our innovative inks and coatings. Designed for durability and brilliance, Sun Chemical’s solutions bring your designs to life, ensuring each print is as vibrant as the last.


Display Solutions

Make your vibrant visions for point of purchase (POP) and display graphics become a brilliant reality with our screen inks and coatings that transform blank spaces into marketing masterpieces.


Industrial Solutions

We offer screen inks for many challenging industrial applications, including automotive, appliances, aerospace, rigid plastics, glass and ceramics, electronic materials and more.


Glass & Ceramics

Our complete range of screen organic inks and coatings for glass decoration offers an ideal alternative to traditional ceramic enamel printing.

For Publication and Commercial Sheetfed Printers

Sun Chemical offers a diverse range of products for coldset, heatset, and offset commercial printers, delivering solutions that emphasize rapid absorption, high-gloss finishes, and exceptional print quality to meet the demands of modern, eco-friendly printing practices.



Newspaper Printing

Our comprehensive coldset ink offerings are formulated to ensure flawless reproduction, vibrant colors, and exceptional consistency—all tailored to meet the unique demands of the newspaper industry.


Magazine Printing

Sun Chemical is your trusted one-stop destination for heatset printing, dedicated to elevating your printing endeavors to new heights. Get to know about Sun Chemical’s exceptional heatset ink solutions.


Commercial Printing Solutions

Whether you’re an offset or commercial sheetfed printer, we can turbocharge your pressroom’s efficiency and eco-friendliness with our premium range of printing products.

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