Our Approach to Packaging

Sun Chemical has a history of innovation and transformation that dates back to 1818 and we have evolved to become a pioneer in the packaging print industry. Our journey has been one of endurance and excellence in the field of printing and packaging. It is a story of constantly pushing the boundaries to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Sun Chemical’s multi-disciplinary packaging and graphics team, work within the “4 Elements” methodology to provide our customers with a balanced perspective across their packaging portfolio. The approach provides you with a framework to interpret packaging requirements, develop the right solutions and measure success.

These “4 Elements” are in harmony, yet in a constant state of change, and designed to simplify the complex.


Defining and differentiating brands to generate value.


Driving productivity to create a competitive advantage across our service offering.


Defending and protecting our customer, and their customer.


Reducing waste, conserving resources and promoting a circular economy.

Focused on Tomorrow’s Packaging Innovations Today

At Sun Chemical, we understand that the world of packaging is ever evolving. That is why we are constantly expanding our horizons, offering innovative solutions for a myriad of other packaging segments, including but not limited to luxury goods, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

With Sun Chemical, you are choosing a partner committed to pushing the boundaries of packaging print technology. Our history is the foundation which drives continued innovation, seeking sustainable solutions and committed to redefining the packaging landscape with our versatile portfolio.


Solutions for Every Packaging Application


Flexible Film

The world of flexible packaging demands versatility. Our innovative solutions for flexible film provide high-quality, durable, and flexible printing options, suitable for a dynamic range of applications.


Flexible Paper

In the dynamic realm of flexible packaging, Sun Chemical leads with a pioneering approach, especially in paper-based solutions, where sustainability is not just a feature but a core philosophy.



Sun Chemical offers a unique portfolio of solutions for the narrow web, tag and label printing market. These advanced technologies are revolutionizing the industry and doing so in a sustainable way.



Our solutions for metal packaging are designed for resilience and aesthetic appeal. Sun Chemical’s advanced inks and coatings ensure your products last while maintaining their visual allure, even under the most challenging conditions.


Paper & Board

Recognizing the diversity in paper and board packaging, we offer inks, coatings and adhesives that guarantee vibrant colors and unique finishes, enhancing brand appeal and ensuring product safety.



Discover how our wide range of eco-friendly solutions have been specifically customized for corrugated printers in ways that make it easier to streamline your  packaging printing process.


Folding Carton

For folding cartons, we offer opportunities to innovate. Our products provide the structural integrity of the packaging but also ensure it captures the consumer’s eye with stunning visual designs.



Unleash the potential of in-mold labeling with Sun Chemical’s specially formulated inks for superior performance on plastic substrates.

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