Colorants for Food and Beverage

Sun Chemical Manufactures Colorants for Foods, Nutrients, Beverages, and More

Sun Chemical, along with our parent company, the DIC Corporation, are continuously expanding our colorants portfolio for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and pet food applications. Driven by the passion to deliver high-quality, innovative and ever more sustainable solutions, our global experts help you meet consumers’ demands.

Our Rainbow of Colors for Challenging Applications


Experience the drama of jet black.


Save the best for last with cool blue.


Take a sip of perfect caramel brown.


Bite into energizing earthy green.


Savor the flavor with intense orange.


Excite taste buds with lush red.


Intensify your earth tones.


Feel the purity with bright white.

Our Colorants Portfolio for Food and Beverage


SUNFOODS™ Natural Colorants

Whether carotenoids, anthocyanins or natural white: We are inspired by the array of natural resources and take the challenge to innovate colorants that cover the entire color space.

Experience the rainbow of color by application


LINABLUE® Spirulina Extract

As a pioneer in the extraction of colorants from Spirulina algae, Sun Chemical and its parent company, the DIC Corporation, are recognized leaders in supplying you with natural blue colorants.

Our Nutraceutical Expertise


California Grown Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is an ideal supplement for a balanced diet. Known as “The King of Superfoods,” spirulina contains over 50 healthy nutrients, such as dietary fiber, polysaccharides and more.

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