Solutions for Plastic Packaging

SunTec® Ink Series: Elevating In-Mold Labeling to New Heights

Yogurt-ContainersUnleash the potential of In-mold labeling with the SunTec ink series, specially formulated for superior performance on plastic substrates. Discover why SunTec is the go-to choice for packaging professionals:

  • Exceptional Quality and Clarity: Produce high-quality in-mold labels with unparalleled clarity and precision on various plastic substrates.
  • Durability Meets Elegance: Benefit from high scratch and rub resistance, ensuring your labels retain their pristine look and feel in all conditions.
  • Versatile Press Compatibility: Whether you’re using standard, high-speed, or wide-format folding carton-type sheetfed presses, SunTec inks deliver consistent, reliable results.

Elevate your packaging with the SunTec ink series – where innovation meets the art of in-mold labeling.


Dedication to Food Safety Compliance

Learn more about our dedication to ensuring our energy curable inks and coatings deliver peace of mind.

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Troubleshooting Common Energy Curable Printing Challenges on Press

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