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Delivering an Unparalleled Selection of Inks, Coatings and Adhesives for the Narrow Web, Tag and Label Printing Market

Sun Chemical offers a unique portfolio of inks, coatings, consumables and color management for the narrow web, tag and label printing market. Whether you print labels or shrink sleeves for beverage, home and personal care, pharmaceuticals, food and non-food applications, our advanced technologies are revolutionizing the NWTL industry and doing so in a sustainable way.


Transform Labels Sustainably

Discover how our 5R approach to developing sustainable products is put to use for the NWTL market.

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Groundbreaking Flexographic Energy Curable Inks and Coatings Specifically Developed for Narrow Web, Tag and Labels

As the pioneers of energy curable ink technology, we continue to lead the charge in developing unique and sustainable ink and coating solutions specifically for the narrow web, tag and label market. Whether you’re looking for water-based UV inks, UV curing coatings or UV LED solutions, we have the inks and coatings you need for NWTL printing. Here’s a brief look at our energy curable inks for the NWTL market.

SolarFlex™: UV Flexo Inks for Tags and Labels

The ultimate choice for UV flexo printing, SolarFlex inks offer precision and clarity, unmatched versatility and are optimized for high press speeds.

SolarWave™ UV LED Curing Flexo Inks

SolarWave UV LED curing flexo inks enable environmental improvements within industrial processes, resulting in lower energy consumption.


SunCure® UV Light-Curing Inks and Coatings

SunCure inks are efficient, versatile and designed for today’s printing challenges. Elevate your printing process with the SunCure ink and coatings series—where speed meets quality.

SunCure® Flexo Coatings for Tag and Labels

Enhance your labels with SunCure flexo coatings. These optimized UV curing coatings complement your inks, presses and substrates, offer superior print protection and deliver unrivaled adhesion.

L&NW Video Interview Discusses Differences Between Retention and Washable Inks

Label & Narrow Web magazine recently interviewed Dr. Nikola Juhasz to discover the differences between retention and washable inks. The interview also shows how Sun Chemical has prioritized sustainability by  investing significant resources into ink recyclability and how to prevent the downcycling and landfilling of packaging. We invite you to watch this video and learn more about Sun Chemical’s narrow web solutions and sustainability endeavors.

Learn more about our SunSpectro® SolvaWash™ FL+ washable/de-inkable, flexo printable, solvent-based ink series that enables brand owners to increase the recyclability of shrink sleeve labels by allowing higher quality and yield of recycled PET from bottle recycling streams.

Transform Your Products into a Sensory Experience

hollywood-film-reel-featuring-packagingIn the world of consumer products, the first impression is everything. SunInspire™ specialty coatings are designed to turn that first moment of truth into a captivating experience, engaging consumers’ senses and setting your products apart on the shelf.

  • Elevate Shelf Appeal: Our coatings don’t just enhance the look of your products; they transform them into works of art. The visual allure of SunInspire coatings ensures your products are impossible to ignore.
  • Captivating Visual Effects: Draw in consumers with the magnetic appeal of our coatings. From subtle glimmers to bold, eye-catching sparkles, SunInspire creates an unforgettable visual impact that grabs attention and holds it.
  • A Spectrum of Special Effects: Our extensive range of effects offers limitless possibilities for customization and creativity. Whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated sheen, a playful glitter, or a unique tactile experience, SunInspire has the perfect solution to make your products stand out.

With SunInspire specialty coatings, it’s not just about making your products look good; it’s about creating an emotional connection with consumers the moment they lay eyes on them. Learn more by downloading our white paper: A Full Lineup of Coatings Can Transform Packaging.

Discover Superior Digital Label Printing with DigiSolar Inkjet Inks

Elevate the quality and reliability of your narrow web and label printing with DigiSolar inks. Engineered for high-speed, single-pass excellence no matter your substrate—from polypropylene (PP) to polyethylene (PE), PET, aluminum foil, or even coated and uncoated paper—DigiSolar delivers optimal image precision.

  • Versatile and Safe Ink Solutions: Ideal for various materials, ensuring versatility in printing options and application.
  • Safety and Compliance: Crafted for packaging’s non-food contact side, our low migration formulations fulfill Swiss Ordnance, Nestlé standards, and EuPIA guidelines to ensure safe usage in primary and secondary packaging.

digitally-printed-labelsDigiSolar Series Ink Types and Product Options for Labels

  • Energy Curable:
    • ULF (label and foils)
    • ULM (low migration UV)
    • ELM (low migration EB)
  • Water-based:
    • AQP (aqueous pigmented)
  • Hybrid Options:
    • ALF (hybrid label and foil)
    • ALM (hybrid low migration)

Explore the DigiSolar range today and experience the best in digital inkjet printing.


Coatings for Digital Package Printing

three-flexible-packaging-pouches-filled-with-seed-nutsInnovative Range for Digital Printing

Sun Chemical’s SunEvo offers a comprehensive range of analog applied coatings, including specialized primers, overprint varnishes, adhesion promoters, and lamination adhesives. These products are designed to integrate seamlessly with digital inks, enhancing efficiency and sustainability in digital package printing for a variety of sectors such as flexible packaging, labels, folding cartons, and corrugated industries.

Collaboration and Sustainability Focus

SunEvo coatings emphasize collaborative innovation and sustainability, partnering with OEMs, press manufacturers, and packaging converters to set new industry benchmarks. Notably, the alliance with HP Indigo has led to the development of UV varnishes that improve the durability of digitally printed labels and offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lamination, supporting a circular economy and aligning with global sustainability goals.

Benefits of Choosing SunEvo

These coatings are tailored for versatility, efficiency, and superior quality, ensuring enhanced print quality on various substrates and compatibility with digital inks for a durable and resistant finish. By focusing on streamlining manufacturing processes and reducing waste, SunEvo coatings not only advance digital printing innovation but also contribute to environmental responsibility, embodying a commitment to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Comprehensive Range of Pressroom Consumables for Enhanced Printing Efficiency

work-meeting-where-people-put-puzzle-pieces-togetherIn the dynamic world of NWTL printing, Sun Chemical Rycoline stands as your ideal partner, offering a complete suite of pressroom consumable products designed to meet the specific demands of this sector, including:

  • Specialized Fountain Solutions
  • Versatile Pressroom Wash
  • Advanced Silicones and Conditioners

Learn more about our Sun Chemical Rycoline solutions dedicated to supporting the flexible paper packaging industry.  

Leadership in Regulatory Compliance

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