Solutions for Flexible Film Applications

Count on Sun Chemical Inks, Coatings and Adhesives for Your Flexible Film Printing Applications

FlexibleFilmPackages-potatochips-salad-almonds-energydrink-lawn-yogurt-candybarIn the ever-evolving world of flexible packaging, Sun Chemical stands at the forefront, offering innovative and sustainable solutions tailored for film applications. Our comprehensive range of products, from advanced inks to specialized coatings and adhesives, is designed to meet the unique challenges of film packaging.

With a focus on quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, Sun Chemical’s solutions are crafted to enhance product appeal, durability, and performance. Whether it’s ensuring vibrant print quality on various film substrates or providing eco-friendly options, our commitment to pioneering flexible packaging technologies positions Sun Chemical as a key partner in driving your packaging success.


Transform Flexible Packaging Sustainably

Discover how our 5R approach to developing sustainable products is put to use for the flexible packaging market.

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Surface and Reverse Printing on a Wide Variety of Films

Elevate Your Printing with SunSpectro® High Performance Inks

Unlock unparalleled efficiency in your pressroom with the SunSpectro family of inks. Specially formulated for high-speed surface and reverse printing, these inks are your solution for boosting productivity without compromising on quality. Learn more about the SunSpectro family of inks for your printing needs and experience a seamless blend of speed, versatility, ease, and durability.

⦁  Optimized for High-Speed Printing

⦁  Versatile for Multiple Substrates

⦁  Easy Cleanup and Resolubility

⦁  Durable and Resistant


SunSpectro Solvaplast

Suitable for printing on the exterior of polyolefin films, these solvent-based inks offer good printability, gloss and excellent mechanical strength.


SunSpectro Sunsharp

Designed for consistent high-speed printing with no defects, SunSpectro Sunsharp inks help you improve productivity and customer satisfaction.


SunSpectro SolvaGreen

Suitable for organic and natural-food packaging, these flexo and gravure solvent-based inks feature naturally derived resins and additives.

Lamination Printing on a Wide Array of Substrates


Increased pressroom productivity is possible with the high-performance solvent- or water-based SunStrato ink series. Designed for laminated packaging applications on a wide variety of substrates, SunStrato inks perform well at high speeds, offer strong adhesion and bond performance and deliver a wide color range.

Key attributes of SunStrato inks:

⦁  A boost to pressroom productivity

⦁  Unmatched performance at high speeds

⦁  Strong adhesion and bond performance

Learn more about our SunStrato offerings.

Inks for Flexible Packaging – Surface, Reverse and Lamination Printing


The global family of SunUno inks provide high bond strengths with both solvent-based and solvent-free lamination technologies to optimize pressroom operations. These high-strength colors provide shelf standout for brands and high-quality packaging for today’s competitive industry and are formulated specifically for both surface and reverse print adhesive lamination applications across an extensive range of flexible packaging substrates.

The ability of the SunUno series of inks to print at the highest quality with one single ink on both surface and lamination applications is unique and unprecedented in the industry, and offers converters the benefits of ink consolidation on multiple presses as well as minimal inventory.


SunUno Solimax

Sun Chemical’s SunUno Solimax is a workhorse system with the widest versatility in terms of films and adhesive compatibility. It also offers converters the benefits of ink consolidation on multiple presses.


SunUno Solimax AP

Certified as Vinçotte-TÜV for use on “OK Compost” packaging, SunUno Solimax AP provides a single platform that can cover multiple end-use applications.


SunUno Solimax EL

SunUno Solimax EL multi-purpose inks were designed for lamination, reverse and surface printing. One ink system for flexo printing across a variety of flexible packaging substrates.


Adhesives for Lamination of Plastic Film, Foil and Paper


Our SunLam family of solvent-free and solvent-based lamination adhesives are designed to meet the needs of all the major flexible packaging applications globally from general performance (snack and confectionary) up to high-end applications (human and PET food retort).

SunLam adhesives provides flexible packaging solutions that can replace incumbent adhesives, improving some aspects, such us higher productivity and flexibility, ease in usage, operator and consumer safety, as well as compliance with most stringent regulations.

Learn more about our SunLam adhesives

Electron Beam Flexo Ink Technologies for Film and Plastic Packaging

electron-beam-for-energy-curing-printingSunBeam® EB Flexo

Step into the future of flexo printing with the SunBeam EB Flexo family of electron beam-curing inks. Designed to thrive on a wide variety of film and plastic substrates, these inks are your solution for rapidly changing job requirements in film and plastic packaging applications. Some key highlights about the ink series include:

  • Unmatched Wet Trapping Capabilities
  • Superior Print Quality
  • High-Speed Printing Efficiency
  • Eco-Friendly VOC-Free Solution

Learn more about our SunBeam EB Flexo and our energy curable solutions for flexible film.

A Full Lineup of Coatings for Film, Foil and Paper

Sun Chemical offers a full lineup of coatings that can enhance packaging, enable sustainability, engage the senses, increase functionality, and create impact. We have coatings that offer a sensory experience, deliver a functional barrier, and add flexibility to adapt to varying packaging conditions.

A Toolkit for Printers/Converters to Manage Brand Colors

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