5Rs Infographic: Growing Your Package Production Sustainably

Learn How Sun Chemical’s 5R Approach Can Help Package Printers Achieve Sustainability Goals

At Sun Chemical, we use what we call “the five Rs” – reuse, reduce, recycle, renew and redesign – as a way to guide our sustainability efforts in our operations, product development and cross-industry partnerships and collaborations. “The five Rs” can help guide sustainable best practices and assist brands as they navigate the heightened environmental landscape.5R-Graphic-Renew-Redesign-Recycle-Reduce-Reuse

  • Reuse – Reduce single use packaging
  • Reduce – Packaging doing more, with less
  • Renew – Benefit with bio-renewable materials
  • Recycle – Feed the circular economy
  • Redesign – Re-evaluate for greater efficiency

Download our infographic to learn ways that Sun Chemical uses “the five Rs” and contributes to a circular economy. You can also learn more by downloading Sun Chemical’s Sustainable Growth – a guide to help you grow your business sustainably and contribute to the circular economy.


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