Sun Chemical to Present Extensive Range of Pigments, Polymers and Additives at American Coatings Show 2024

PARSIPPANY, N.J., U.S.A. – March 25, 2024 – Sun Chemical will showcase its full range of pigments, polymers and additives for the coatings industry during the American Coatings Show 2024 (April 30–May 2, 2024) in Indianapolis, Ind.

Visitors of booth #746 during the show will be introduced to new pigments from Sun Chemical’s Paliocrom® aluminum effects line, newly launched waterborne resins, efficient driers and additives, and high-performance polyurethanes—all compatible with an extensive range of coatings and designed to meet customers’ needs while furthering sustainable initiatives.



Under the theme Experience. Transformation. on the road to a bright tomorrow, Sun Chemical will present new effect pigments. In addition to color space expansion and digital styling inspirations, Sun Chemical will also present the latest carbon footprint calculations for the established Paliocrom product family and for its USA-sourced natural mica.

Recognized as the ideal choice for golden to red premium colors in modern automotive and high-performance industrial coatings, Sun Chemical’s Paliocrom aluminum effects will feature the new launch grades, Paliocrom Brilliant Ruby EH 5050 (L 3558) and Paliocrom Satin Gold EH 3607 (L 2138).

Sun Chemical’s most intense bluish-red aluminum effect pigment, Paliocrom Brilliant Ruby EH 5050 (L 3558), is formulated based on iron-oxide-coated aluminum flakes of the silver-dollar type for modern automotive and high-performance industrial coatings. This new grade comes in the form of a propylene glycol slurry and is suitable both for solventborne and waterborne systems and combines extraordinary hiding power with high brilliance and lightness.

Paliocrom Satin Gold EH 3607 (L 2138) is a mid-shade golden aluminum-based effect pigment with distinct satin character, high chroma, and extremely smooth appearance. It delivers unique color travel and excellent gloss levels and allows for thin film applications of automotive basecoats due to its small particle size. With the launch of this new grade, the universal satin effect is now available in the form of a propylene glycol slurry.

Sun Chemical sources natural mica for its high-quality pearl pigment brands using fully ethical, traceable, and environmentally friendly processes. During the show, Sun Chemical will present the latest product carbon footprint calculations, ethical working practices and sourcing method from its exclusively owned mica mine in Hartwell, Ga.

Sun Chemical will provide presentations to demonstrate the benefits of its full digital product portfolio, which includes technical data sheets, guiding formulations, product carbon footprints, realistic color representations, and inspiring trend formulations.


Polymers & Additives

Sun Chemical offers an elaborate portfolio of polymers and additives for a wide range of coatings and adhesives applications. This includes a broad range of polymer technologies which cover state-of-the-art needs for the automotive, transport, aerospace, and construction sectors.

Sun Chemical’s polymer offering includes a new set of bio-based polyurethane dispersions for artificial leather. Sun Chemical provides solutions for skin, adhesive, and coagulation layers, and has developed a new polyester which can improve flexibility and gloss in multiple coatings applications.

Also highlighted at the booth will be DIC Corporation’s recently launched HYDRAN™ GP series of environment-friendly waterborne polyurethane resins. These new resins have a higher solid content than conventional water-based polyurethane resins and contain no amines, helping customers to shorten process times and reduce odors, in addition to limiting greenhouse gas emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The HYDRAN GP series is available globally and is suitable for a range of applications including artificial leather, coatings, and adhesives.

In terms of additives, Sun Chemical offers a new cobalt-free and VOC-free drier, DICNATE MV-130A. It shows efficient drying at very low dosages, exhibits low dark yellowing, and has excellent compatibility with secondary driers, as well as matting agents and pigments.


High-Performance Polyurethanes

Through its acquisition of SAPICI, Sun Chemical offers a complete portfolio of extra low free monomer (aromatic, mixed aromatic-aliphatic and aliphatic) polyisocyanates and prepolymers for a broad range of applications including: coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, casting, inks, and more.

Sun Chemical also offers a very wide range of water-based polyurethane and acrylic dispersions for every application, together with a complete range of water dispersible low free monomer polyisocyanates to formulate 2K systems. Sun Chemical offers solutions for wood, metal, plastic, leather, water-proofing membranes, textiles, and more.

Sun Chemical’s newest development in this space focuses on bio-based polyisocyanates for a safer and more sustainable future.

For more information, visit Sun Chemical at booth #746 during ACS 2024 or visit

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