• CERANATE for Ink

    DIC's CERANATE hybrid polysiloxane acrylic resins are aqueous resins which contain polysiloxane and produce extremely durable ink formulations.

  • EPICLON® for Ink

    DIC's EPICLON® epoxy resins and hardeners for ink formulations exhibit outstanding durability and chemical resistance.

  • HYDRAN for Ink

    DIC's HYDRAN polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are coating agents which imbue ink formulations with outstanding pliability, conformability and adhesion.

  • MEGAFACE for Ink

    DIC's MEGAFACE fluorinated additives imbue coatings with a variety of properties, including enhanced leveling, permeability and durability.

  • MEGAFACE RS for Ink

    DIC's MEGAFACE RS surface modifiers provide ink formulations with exceptional resistance to water, oil, fingerprints and stains.

  • PHENOLITE for Ink

    DIC's PHENOLITE is a novolac phenol resin for epoxy resin curing agents which imbue ink formulations with unmatched heat, moisture and chemical resistance.

  • Thermosetting Amide-Imide Resins for Ink

    DIC’s amide-imide resins allow ink to become compatible with general-purpose solvents and provide superior heat resistance when cured with epoxy resins.

  • UV-Curable Urethane Acrylate Resins for Ink

    DIC’s UV-curable urethane acrylate resins are additives for coatings which exhibit best-in-class hardness, flexibility and viscosity.

  • WATERSOL for Ink

    DIC's WATERSOL self-emulsifying waterborne resins imbue ink formulations with excellent pigment dispersibility and film formation properties.