who can unleash the power of packaging to build a better brand?

you can.


Release your packaging from the ordinary with brighter ideas from Sun Chemical.


Sun Chemical is a true packaging solutions partners who can innovate and inspire your brand from concept to consumer.

Learn how to get your customers’ attention quickly and outshine the competition with packaging that bursts with potential by downloading your Brighter Ideas for Packaging Guides.

Download Five Brighter Ideas for Building a Better Package and a Better Brand

In these guides you will be introduced to:

  • Brighter Ideas for…Consumer Protection

Sun Chemical steers brand owners through the increasing international legislative requirements for compliant materials, consumables and labelling and advises on the wide range of solutions to address the increase in counterfeit trade to ensure security of their brand and the health and safety of their customers.

  • Brighter Ideas for… World of Color

Sun Chemical helps brand owners achieve global consistency of high impact, high quality color to enhance brand integrity and maximise the packaging, presentation and shelf impact of their product and brand.

  • Brighter Ideas for…Lightweighting

Sun Chemical offers a choice of creative packaging solutions to help brand owners meet their obligations to cut raw material consumption, reduce costs across the packaging supply chain and limit their environmental footprint while still providing high performing brand-enhancing packaging.

  • Brighter Ideas for…Food waste

Sun Chemical helps brand owners develop food packaging solutions to prolong freshness and increase shelf-life, limiting food spoilage and helping consumers make more informed decisions that will reduce food waste.

  • Brighter Ideas for…Consumer Experience

Sun Chemical is a true packaging solutions partner who can innovate and inspire your brand from concept to consumer. To learn more download one of our Brighter Ideas Guides.


Download Brighter Ideas for Metal Packaging Guide

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