Electronic Specialties

SunTronic™ ECLIPSE

The SunTronic™ ECLIPSE product family includes a large and growing range of materials useful in printed electronic applications. The current ECLIPSE line includes:


SunTronic™ NANOSILVER is an ever-expanding range of inkjet printable nanosilver inks for a variety of printed electronics applications, including OLED panels, thin-film photovoltaic designs, printed mobile antennas, RFIDs and touch screen displays.

Sun Chemical Cellmet

SunTronic™ CELLMET

The SunTronic™ CELLMET product family is designed for use in high efficiency c-Si PV cells.

SunTronic™ SOLSYS

SunTronic™ Solsys materials are a range of products designed for use in thin film photovoltaic processes and designs including: CIGS, CdTe, OPV, DSSC, HIT, OPV and DSC.