Innovating the Digital Printing Landscape

Expertise That Drives Digital Printing Forward

Since our founding in 1818, Sun Chemical has been a beacon of innovation to the printing industry. With over 200 years of history, we have continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of the market. Our legacy is built on a foundation of excellence, quality, and relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions.

At Sun Chemical, expertise is more than just knowledge; it’s a commitment to excellence. Our team of specialists collectively combine hundreds of years of experience with a forward-thinking approach, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of digital printing technology. We understand the challenges and complexities of digital printing and are dedicated to providing solutions that exceed expectations.

Our “4 Elements” Methodology

Sun Chemical’s multi-disciplinary digital team works with the “4 Elements” methodology to provide customers with a balanced perspective across their digital printing portfolio.

The approach provides a framework to interpret their requirements, develop the right solutions and measure success.

These “4 Elements” are in harmony, yet in a constant state of change, and designed to simplify the complex.


Defining and differentiating brands to generate value.


Driving productivity to create a competitive advantage across our service offering.


Defending and protecting our customer, and their customer.


Reducing waste, conserving resources and promoting a circular economy.

Comprehensive Solutions for Digital Printing


OEM Solutions

As a trusted partner to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we deliver digital printing solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Using our core technology building blocks, our inks and coatings are designed to integrate seamlessly with OEM hardware, enhancing functionality and ensuring superior print results.


Coating Solutions for Digital

Our advanced digital coatings are engineered to provide exceptional durability, adhesion, and visual appeal. It covers all printing types include – printing on paper, plastic, or other film substrates, our coatings enhance the finish and longevity of your prints, making them stand out in any application.


Textile Printing Solutions

In the dynamic world of textile printing, Sun Chemical offers innovative ink solutions that bring designs to life with vivid colors and intricate details. Our textile inks are developed to provide excellent wash fastness, color vibrancy, and compatibility with a wide range of fabrics, ensuring your prints look stunning, last longer and are compliant with the latest industry standards


Graphics Solutions

Our range of inks for wide format graphics is designed to deliver high-quality performance across a range of markets. If you are seeking ways to extend the life of your existing equipment or seeking reliable alternatives, our range of wide format graphic inks offer consistent results and seamless integration with various digital printing systems.

Leading the Future of Digital Printing

Sun Chemical is your partner in navigating the evolving world of digital printing. Whether pushing the boundaries of aqueous digital ink, maximizing the potential of UV and EB technology or guiding our customers through a changing regulatory landscape, our expertise and comprehensive solutions ensure that your printing operations are efficient, effective, and extraordinary.

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