Digital Inkjet Solutions for OEM

Innovative OEM Solutions by SunJet: Pioneering the Future of Inkjet Technology

At SunJet, innovation is not just a buzzword; it is part of our DNA. We are not just creating ink; we’re shaping the future of digital printing through relentless innovation and strategic collaborations. Our commitment to understanding and addressing customer needs has positioned us as leaders in the inkjet industry, continuously opening doors to new market opportunities.

Why Partner with SunJet?


Unparalleled Formulation Expertise and Product Diversity

Dive into the vast portfolio of inks that SunJet offers, boasting the largest range worldwide for any inkjet application you can imagine. Our expertise isn’t just in crafting these inks; it’s in tailoring them to your specific needs with cutting-edge technology and dedicated support.


A Legacy of Quality

With over 50+ years at the forefront of inkjet technology, our legacy is built on quality. SunJet is synonymous with excellence, ensuring every drop of ink from our production lines meets the high standards our global clients expect.


Technical Savvy for Tomorrow’s Solutions

Our hands-on approach with customers, OEMs, and print head manufacturers means we’re not just part of the industry; we are leading it. Expect the latest, most effective inkjet solutions that keep you ahead of the curve.


Insightful Application Understanding

Sun Chemical’s SunJet business offers inkjet solutions that are not just effective but revolutionarily tailored to both new and existing market needs.


Global Support, Locally Delivered

Backed by Sun Chemical and the DIC Corporation, our global infrastructure ensures you receive the best practices and support wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Industrial Applications



We provide aqueous, UV and EB inkjet inks for décor applications, such as furniture, flooring and wall coverings.


Coding & Marking (C&M)

For C&M on Piezo printers, we offer UV, UV LED, UV hybrid, solvent and oil inkjet inks. We also provide aqueous inks for Addressing on Piezo printers. For continuous inkjet printing (CIJ), we offer UV hybrid and solvent inks for C&M and only solvent inkjet inks for Addressing. We also can provide you with aqueous and solvent inks for Thermal Addressing printing.


Other Industrial Applications

For any other industrial applications, we provide aqueous, UV, UV LED, UV hybrid, EB, solvent and oil inkjet inks.

Graphics and Display


Graphics & Signage

For display applications, we offer aqueous, UV, UV LED, UV hybrid, solvent and oil inkjet inks.



We offer aqueous, UV hybrid and solvent inkjet inks for commercial applications.

Digital Edible Inks for Industrial Food Decoration Applications

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