SunMotion™ Edge-Lit Transparent Display Technology

Great retail displays are essential to the success of any merchandising program

SunMotion is here to help you grab consumer attention with striking custom display solutions


SunMotion’s ability to create stunning displays for large retailers and brands has changed the way shoppers experience the product retail space. View in action.

Follow the trend of major retailers and brands by highlighting your product in store through motion-activation today. When it comes to unique ways of captivating your consumers and ensuring your products grab customers’ attention, we are the leaders.

Designed to drive sales, our cost-effective interactive POP motion systems offer high-quality product solutions to all growing brands and retailers, and can be used anywhere illuminated imagery or enclosures are used.

What’s unique for retail is that our system allows you to easily change out graphics. It’s what empowers your brand and keeps you at the forefront of in-store displays.

SunMotion displays deliver captivating illuminated moving imagery, by utilizing transparent inks, which are printed on clear plastic. When edge lit, the images fluoresce into full color graphics. By layering prints, and alternating their respective LEDs, shoppers are attracted to the display by motion and colorful graphics. It pulls them in, elevating their brand experience and awareness.


Highlight Your Product

The stacked images have excellent transparency, so that when the illumination is turned off, the image “disappears,” allowing a clear view through the printed panel. Up to three images can be stacked, or you can stack two images followed by an illuminated view of a physical product.

This means that printed SunMotion panels can be used on items such as refrigerator fronts or display cases in stores to advertise features/special offers etc., and yet still allow customers to look through the panel and see the items for sale.


Key Features:

  • Interactive. Motion sensor activated.
  • Three layered images OR two images + illuminated enclosure.
  • Demonstrated sales lift. Data available.
  • In store today. Approved for use in major retailers.
  • Reusable. Graphics updated in less than 1 minute.
  • Affordable printed transparent ink + LED construction. No Wi-Fi.
  • Tailorable shape, size, and finishing.


Example Videos


Working with Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical licenses this patented technology to fabricators (printers and display manufacturers) by region and market segment to provide a global support network for brands in exchange for royalties on units sold (displays and graphics). Sun Chemical provides inks, color management, and comprehensive technical support.


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