who can offer a complete solution for any card?
you can.

The trick to creating plastic cards that are both durable and beautiful is using a complete solution from Sun Chemical. For brand owners, that means making a lasting impression.

For manufacturers, it means getting everything from magnetic tape and UV-curing inks to brand protection and color consistency — all from a single source.

To learn more request our White Paper to find a complete solution for credit and laminated card printing.

Below you will find additional features and benefits for Sun Chemical’s Plastic Card Offering:

Brand Name
SunCarte UV Offset
  • UV curable offset litho ink system
  • Four color process set, blending colors
  • Special high density white and density black
  • Optimized resin chemistry
  • Heat resistant pigments
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Very good litho properties
  • Bond strength in excess of required ISO standards
  • Minimal color change after lamination
  • Robust prints
  • Optimized press performance
SunCarte UV Plastic Card
  • UV curable screen inks and adhesive
  • Opaque white, dense black, special clears for printing metallic colors and pearls, UV clear can be used an adhesive
  • UV curing
  • Optimized resin chemistry
  • Solvent free/ green solution
  • Long flowing ink rheology designed for use on cylinder presses
  • Fast print speeds, instant cure, excellent screen stability
  • High bond strength in excess of ISO standards
  • No VOC’s, no requirement for gas or electric dryers, huge energy savings
  • Print speeds from 1,000 to 2,000 sheets per hour
SolarSmart ID
  • UV curable screen inks, opaque white and clear
  • Optimized resin chemistry
  • Excellent adhesion to polycarbonate
  • Super opaque white
  • Non-yellowing clear
  • High bond strength even with full coverage
  • Robust prints immediately after curing
  • Facilitates use for clear and colored core substrates
  • Can be used as an adhesive or as a carrier for security features
Base Offering is available in both standard and custom colors:

  • Standard – black, silver and gold
  • Custom colors available upon request
  • Pre-laid standard and holographic magnetic stripes
Branding Solutions are available for financial institutions with a wide range of possibilities:

  • MagBrand is available to enhance your brand and allows you to rethink the traditional mag tape area
  • Transform your laminated or plastic card and use this space to deliver a unique message to consumers
  • Simplify manufacturing with cost-effective, efficient and convenient pre-laid overlay
  • DIC and Sun Chemical offer a unique branding solution − all from a single source
  • DIC’s high-quality magnetic tapes are available to work in partnership with SunCarte UV Plastic Card Series inks
  • Pre-laid overlays can further combine both technologies into a convenient mag tape solution
  • These innovative offerings deliver strong characteristics for the Financial, Retail and Security Card Market
Sun Chemical Brand Protection
Sun Chemical’s Brand Protection Portfolio features:

  • UV florescence
  • Metachromic inks
  • Color shifting inks
  • Embedded images in original art
  • Pre-patched holograms
Cutting-edge brand protection technologies deliver necessary anti-counterfeiting characteristics:

  • Invisible solutions are only visible in the presence of a blacklight
  • Eye-catching inks appear to change color in the presence of different light sources
  • Hidden images appear when using a lenticular lens or when using a smartphone
  • Enhance security with custom-made and easy-to-use holographs
  • Sun Chemical offers a complete solutions portfolio for brand protection which can be combined or used independently
  • In addition to plastic cards, brand protection offerings are ideal for a vast range of applications, including finished goods and security or identification documents
4Plate Lamination Plate Solutions
4Plate’s comprehensive range of technologies and services for lamination plates includes:

  • Specialty and standard lamination plates
  • Various security features
  • Functional coatings
  • Lamination pads
  • Carrier plates
  • Graphics and technical assistance
Lamination plate technologies are tailor-made to customer requirements:

  • Stainless steel, hardened stainless steel and brass lamination plates feature various surface finishes, including gloss mirror, silk, matte and super matte
  • CLI-MLI, IDOPTIC, 3D effects, latent images, braille, micro-text and guilloches are perfectly in register due to positioning pin systems
  • Anti-stick coatings deliver process optimization and wear-resistant DLC coatings are optimized for long-life plates
  • 4Plate provides lamination plates, carrier plates, cover plates and positioning systems
  • Graphic designers and technicians are dedicated to exceeding specific customer requirements
  • Formed in 2014, 4Plate is a joint venture organization comprised of lamination plate technologies from Sun Chemical, Progravur and Plascote
  • 4Plate has four global production sites, offering plates, engraving technologies, plasma coatings and many more solutions to its global customers
Suntronic & Touchcode
Conductive Inks and UV dielectrics allow for the integration of printed antenna and circuits:

  • Silver conductive inks
  • Carbon/graphite conductive inks
  • UV dielectric inks
Enable electronic functionality in plastic cards for enhanced security and interactivity:

  • Printed antennae and circuits deliver highly-secure RFID functionality to plastic cards
  • Touchcode allows for interaction between cards and smart devices to enhance security, quicken card activation and present creative marketing opportunities
  • The SunTronic Product Range and Touchcode enable card manufacturers to incorporate electronic circuits and antennae into cards without lamination of the foils with etched inlays
  • Conductive inks and UV dielectrics offer superior security features as well as unique opportunities for web-enabled interactivity