RJA Dispersions HDODA

Dispersions in HDODA for UV Curable Ink Systems

D3100 series are dispersions in HDODA for uv-curable systems. The approved dispersions are listed with brief descriptions, typical viscosities (cps at 25 C), and typical mean particle size (nM) measured by dynamic light scattering (dls). These values are typical but should not be considered as specifications. The dispersions have passed our 8-week stability tests in monomer.

D3100 Series in HDODA

Product Description Typical Viscosity (cps, 25 C) Typical Mean Particle Size (nM)
D3110-FX-B15:4 28% PB15:4 750 110
D3110-FX-K 25% PBl 7 150 140
D3110-KT 15% PBl 7, extremely transparent 300 70
D3110-FX-R122 25% PR 122 600 145
D3110-W6-50% 50% PW 6, conventional white 155 220
D3110A-FX-Y150 25% PY 150 400 125

FX indicates this dispersion is recommended for fixed array inkjet inks.

Additional colors may be available upon request.


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