RJA Dispersions Ethyl Diglyme

Dispersions in Ethyl Diglyme for Inkjet Inks

D1500 series are dispersions in ethyl diglyme (CAS Number 111-96-6, EC Number 203-924-4), resin free. The approved dispersions are listed below with brief descriptions, typical viscosities (cps at 25 C), and typical mean particle size (nM) as measured by dynamic light scattering. These values are typical but should not be considered as specifications. The formulas have been qualified in ethyl diglyme after doing heat stability testing over 8 weeks.

D1500 Series in Ethyl Diglyme

Product Description Typical Viscosity (cps, 25 C) Typical Mean Particle Size (nM)
D1510-B15:4 30% PB 15:4 350 110
D1510-K 30% PBl 7 60 90
D1510-R122 30% PR 122 600 120
D1510A-Y150 30% PY150 230 75

Additional colors may be available upon request.



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