PigmentViewer App

A completely new color and effects experience.

Introducing PigmentViewer App

Using the latest digital visualization technology and leveraging the interactive capabilities of modern mobile devices, our PigmentViewer app provides a new way of experiencing color. With PigmentViewer, you can study effect and color pigments in a photorealistic format from various angles just as a physical sample under a shining light source. Explore our wide range of effect and color pigments, view and compare products and find the one that fits to your needs.

PigmentViewer App Improves Sustainability




Quick, 24/7 access globally accelerates and facilitates design process, especially if multiple sites are involved. Also allows for the reduction of panels and associated shipping needed in a design process.


Material savings

Only a few applications are needed per pigment – no additional printing/multiplication necessary. Using the PigmentViewer app saves about 1500kg of combined material per year.



Simple assessment of colors due to large sample size and interactive side-by-side comparison of pigments. Convenient overview of coloristic data and related properties, product documentation and contact details.

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