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SunColorQC: Color Quality Control Software Platform

Our SunColorQC software platform helps to move color approval from a subjective to an objective process by connecting a spectrophotometer to measure the quality of output on the press and validating it against your customized color library already held digitally on the Sun Chemical network.

This color data will have been previously uploaded as part of SunConsulting, our customized site assessment and color audit service, and generally the first tool in the SunColorBox we deploy for customers.

SunColorQC provides quality-control reports and indicates whether a color can continue to be achieved within your specified tolerance using the current ink mix in the press. If not and the color needs to be adjusted, SunColorQC will offer guidance on how to adjust the color, whether by adding another color or just by making the current color on press either weaker or stronger.

The SunColorQC platform offers other benefits. Hosting your digital palette of colors in a central location means that the production presses at other sites within your group can instantly access the same digital color target data. This will give you the flexibility to move production around and still be confident that the end result will be of the same production quality. What’s more, as we host the SunColorQC software, you don’t have to invest in the development of a costly IT infrastructure to support your own global solution.

Perhaps the most important benefit is that SunColorQC allows for press approvals with an agreed upon, objective and measurable standard, helping to boost valuable production time—and save money—both for you and for your brand owner customers.

Customer Testimonial

Monteiro Ribas have implemented SunColorQC in its plant in Iberia and have seen the following benefits:

    • Savings in press approval time due to digital measurement process
    • Easy to use software supporting press operators in making decisions on production quality
    • Process control through color management

“Since implementing SunColorQC, we have seen how this solution has helped us improve our efficiency on press and support the press operators. This color tool is helping us to improve our press color control and reduce our color approval times.”

    • -Mr. José Barros, Monteiro Ribas
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