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Visit Sun Chemical at Booth #1D38 During the CPCA Show 2016, March 1517, 2016

Come by our booth to learn about our portfolio of convenient and efficient solutions for printed circuits and printed electronics.

Sun Chemical will highlight:

The #1 Most Used Soldermask in Europe: Sun Chemical’s Imagecure soldermask range can be applied either by screen printing, curtain coating, air or electrostatic spray, and is available in a full range of colors and finishes from gloss to x-matt. Imagecure soldermask is UL listed, meets all industry specifications, and is compliant with RoHS, WEEE and REACH regulations.

Key benefits for Imagecure Soldermask include:

  • Approval by many global OEMs
  • Halogen free varieties
  • White versions for LED applications

We will also showcase our latest version of Imagecure for use with Direct Image (DI) equipment. Imagecure DI follows the same processing steps as other Imagecure products, but with the added benefits of being able to expose at ≤120mJ on most direct image machines. Imagecure DI delivers the same color density as conventional soldermask, but is capable of producing features down to 30µ. This makes it ideal for HDI applications, including the growing small tablet and smartphone market.

Sun Chemical’s New, Convenient Peelable Mask: EPR5000 Peelable Mask is a convenient and cost-effective mask which meets stringent health and safety requirements around the world. Optimized for high-temperature soldering and chemical plating, EPR5000 is also applicable to lead-free soldering processes. Additionally, EPR5000 delivers exceptional adhesion, easy removability, a wide process window, 4.0mm hole tenting capabilities, and is available in a range of colors and halogen-free varieties.

A Portfolio of Conductive Inks for Efficient Switches: Sun Chemical’s MTS Value Package of conductive inks speeds the design and development of membrane touch switches (MTS). The MTS Value Package includes low-temperature silver, carbon, and UV-curable dielectric inks which deliver superior performance at a low cost. The MTS Value Package contains a matched set of products, chemistries, and performance criteria that have been developed to ensure consistent, reliable performance.

Innovative Nanosilver Inks for Highly Conductive Printed Sensors: EMD5800 Nanosilver Ink is a conductive inkjet printable ink for the production of printed RFID, OLED panels, thin-film photovoltaic designs, printed antennae, and touch screen displays. EMD5800 Nanosilver Ink features outstanding conductivity and high print resolution, exceptional jetting performance, monodispersion, and low-temperature sintering. EMD5800 is applicable to a variety of substrates, including polyimide, PET, PC and PC/ABS, and is compatible with most industrial and commercial printheads.

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