Effective Solutions: Using Pigmented Inks in Digital Textile Printing

Experience the Future of Textile Printing with Sun Chemical

digitally-printed-pillow-with-printed-green-plantsAt Sun Chemical, we leverage our deep expertise in pigments, dispersions, textiles, and digital printing technology to deliver superior digital pigment inks. Our products are tailored for a wide array of fabric types, ensuring that each print is not just vivid but also environmentally friendly. They offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Superior Digital Pigment Inks: Sun Chemical offers advanced digital pigment inks designed for various fabric types, ensuring vibrant, durable, and environmentally friendly prints.
  • Expertise and Innovation: Leveraging extensive knowledge in pigments, dispersions, textiles, and digital printing technology, Sun Chemical delivers top-quality solutions for textile applications.
  • Sustainability and Quality: Sun Chemical’s inks not only provide vivid colors but also emphasize eco-consciousness, aligning with the future of sustainable textile printing.

Overview of Our Portfolio for Your Application

digitally-printed-dress-on-woman-holding-purseXennia Sapphire: Mastering Fabric Diversity

  • Versatile Printing Solution: From cotton and natural fibers to challenging mixed fiber blends, Xennia Sapphire adapts seamlessly to a variety of fabrics. This ink set is designed to meet the demands of diverse fabric types without compromising on quality or environmental standards.
  • Enhanced Longevity and Color Fastness: With Xennia Sapphire, expect exceptional fastness properties, extending the life of printed textiles and reducing waste.

Available Options:

  • Xennia Sapphire PC for mid-viscosity printheads (Kyocera, Panasonic, Konica Minolta)
  • Xennia Sapphire PT for high viscosity printheads (Dimatix, Ricoh)

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent color sharpness and vibrancy across multiple substrates
  • Streamlined installation and maintenance

Committed to Innovation and Sustainability

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