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woman-dressed-in-colorful-gym-clothes-in-yoga-poseSun Chemical brings a new era of textile printing with its cutting-edge digital sublimation inks, designed for a variety of applications from high-fashion and sportswear to vibrant home textiles and impactful sign and display options. Our inks are specially formulated to provide top-tier color and print performance, ensuring that every print is just as intended—flawless and vivid.


Our Products:


ElvaJet Topaz SC

Redefine precision with the ElvaJet Topaz SC, an advanced sublimation ink compatible with Kyocera printheads. Ideal for either transfer paper or direct polyester applications, it guarantees exceptional print and color quality without compromise.

Benefits include:

  • Superior edge definition
  • High release efficiency from both coated and uncoated transfer papers
  • Reduced environmental impact with excellent ink release, saving you ink
  • Certified Eco-Passport by OEKO-TEX, achieving Level 3 on the ZDHC Gateway

ElvaJet Opal SC

Tailored for mid-viscosity printheads like Kyocera, Panasonic, and Konica Minolta, the ElvaJet Opal SC is your go-to solution for consistent performance.

This series offers:

  • Simple installation and start-up
  • Exceptional color uniformity across a range of papers
  • Minimal maintenance with increased printer uptime
  • Eco-friendly credentials with OEKO-TEX ECO-PASSPORT certification


ElvaJet Opal SB

Designed for low viscosity printheads including Epson DX and TFP, ElvaJet Opal SB stands out.

Benefits include:

  • Batch-to-batch color consistency
  • High-quality print on low-weight papers
  • Edge IQ technology for sharp, bleed-free edges
  • Environmentally responsible formulation, certified for ECO-PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX


ElvaJet SR342

Upgrade your sublimation output with ElvaJet SR342 a new generation of sublimation inks to take your prints to the next level. Designed for Ricoh and Dimatix printheads, ElvaJet SR342 brings outstanding color and detail with optimized drying for no compromise printing.

This series offers:

  • High color strength and color purity
  • Extended color set delivering a wide color gamut
  • Fast drying time
  • Excellent sharpness and print detail

Why Choose Sun Chemical Inks?


Optimized Performance

Our inks are engineered to provide stellar print quality across all drop sizes and system compatibilities.



Committed to reducing the print industry’s footprint, our inks are designed to minimize waste and are certified for their eco-safety.


Reliable and Durable

Achieve long production runs with consistent stability and less maintenance required.

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