Transform Your Flexible Packaging

The Transformation to Sustainable Flexible Packaging

Sun Chemical has taken proactive leadership in research and development to bring solutions to the flexible packaging market that achieve both the printing quality and requirements of converters and the sustainability goals the industry is aspiring to achieve. Some examples include:

  • Efficiency improvements
  • Waste reduction
  • Safety and integrity of food and beverages
  • Extended quality and shelf-life of packaged food products.

Drawing from our 200+ years of knowledge and experience in the flexible packaging market, our approach to sustainable product development includes risk management and eco-efficiency improvements, as well as a proactive approach in working with suppliers, customers, and industry trade groups to promote best practices.

Using our 5Rs framework (Reuse, Reduce, Renew, Recycle and Redesign) as a guide, Sun Chemical invests significantly in R&D to improve the eco-efficiency and sustainability of packaging that utilizes its inks, coatings and adhesives to support a circular economy.

Sun Chemical has produced a guide – Sustainable Growth – to help you grow your business sustainably and contribute to the circular economy. This ‘how-to’ guide is built around the 5Rs.

By implementing the practices of this guide and choosing to operate more sustainably, your print operation will not only play a vital role in helping to reduce waste and lower global COemissions, it can also cut costs, boost business growth and significantly enhance public perception. We invite you to download the guide to learn more about the 5Rs and see how they can help your business achieve its sustainability goals.

Sun Chemical's SunEco Portfolio of Solutions for the Flexible Packaging Market


Mono-material Coatings

Mono-material coatings remove the complexities of packaging layers, improving recyclability and compostability. Listen to podcast to learn more.


Oxygen Barrier Coatings

SunBar (Aerobloc) oxygen barrier coatings enhance shelf life, improve recyclability, and lightweight packaging, reduce carbon emissions in transportation.


SunUno Solimax

SunUno Solimax delivers one single ink for both surface and lamination applications, improving pressroom efficiency and achieving compostability standards.


UV LED Curing Inks

SolarWave™ flexo UV LED curing inks reduce energy usage while delivering the print quality needed. Learn more by listening to the Packaging Strategies podcast.

Aligning Our Sustainability Goals with the United Nations to Benefit the Flexible Packaging Market

We’re aligning with the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development by incorporating sustainability in all aspects of our business, from sourcing, manufacturing and the distribution of goods, to regulatory guidance and the development of biorenewable products and other solutions that improve the eco-efficiency of customer processes.






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