DAITAC for Electronics

DIC’s portfolio of PSA tapes imbues electronics with outstanding characteristics.

DIC’s DAITAC pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are specifically designed for use in ICT devices, automotive electronics and home appliances while exhibiting best-in-class adhesion as well as miniaturization capabilities. Various grades of DAITAC PSA tapes are heat-resistant, waterproof, anti-shattering, transparent and applicable to various electrical components, such as mobile phones, smartphones, everyday home electronics and automotive electronic components.

Key attributes & features:

  • Optimized for ICT devices, home electronics and automotive electronics
  • Strong adhesion, removability, peel strength and oil resistance
  • Exceptional adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Available in solventless varieties

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DAITAC Adhesive Tapes for Flexible Printed Circuits Brochure
DAITAC Ultra-Thin Adhesive Tapes Sales Sheet

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