Solvent-free Lamination Technology

Introducing a solvent-free adhesive for semi-flexo application

After several years of intense R&D activity, DIC Corporation and Sun Chemical have developed a new way of applying solvent-free adhesive, and by partnering with Uteco, it is now available.

Sun Chemical and Uteco have combined their expertise to bring DUALAM™ technology to the new frontier.

DUALAM consists of two distinct coating groups where the two components of adhesive are applied individually and merge only in the nipping station.

This product:

  • Enhances pot life of the adhesive
  • Reduces downtime with an easy cleaning process
  • Increases efficiency and time to the market
  • Provides fast curing process of the adhesive mix in the rewinder

Some of DUALAM’s benefits include:

  • Shorter time for the laminate to be slit (couple of hours)
  • Quicker time to develop heat stability needed for pouching (24 hours max)
  • Fast 3-ply lamination (second passage possible in a couple of hours)
  • Rapid decay of primary aromatic amines

With lamination speeds that can run up to 500 m/min, DUALAM technology provides similar lay down/wettability to solvent-based technology immediately off-press, even on high printed design coverage and at a lowered coating weight of 1.6 to 1.8 g/m2, resulting in overall high productivity and efficiency.

Due to a partnership with Synaptik, DUALAM includes an in-line quality control check that has a coating weight exclusive infrared cross-width detector which provides on-time measurement—reducing potential waste and increasing productivity.



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