SpectraRAY® F for Packaging

Dispersions formulated  to achieve your color intensity and viscosity needs in many energy-curable applications.

SpectraRAY F for packaging applications

Perfect for print applications, SpectraRAY F Preparations are formulated with monomers and oligomers that allow ease of use in many energy curable applications. Patented  additive technology offers low viscosity dispersion at elevated pigment loads. The resulting strength and flexibility mean you spend less time formulating around dry grind problems and more time making quality inks and coatings.

Key attributes include:

  • SpectraRAY preparations enhance the stability of many inks and coating systems.
  • Additive technology keeps our dispersions stabile at elevated pigment loads.
  • Elevated pigment loads combined with small particle size offer maximum color strength.
  • Sub-micron grind adds strength, gloss and transparency for hard to grind pigments.
  • Compatible with many energy curable ink and coatings systems.

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