Pigment Dispersions

Helping You Mix Inks or Paints Faster with Pigment Dispersions

Sun Chemical makes a wide range of pigment dispersions which can be added to final formulations without the need to grind pigment. These products give you flexibility and quick turnaround time to prepare your own tailored solutions.

Solid-Dispersions-PigmentsSolid Dispersions

Our solid dispersions contain pigments with a smaller particle size to create a transparent effect similar to that of a dye – usually with higher lightfastness.

We can guide you and provide starting formulations to successfully incorporate our products, generally accomplished by toothed impeller.

Solid Dispersion Solutions



Solid pre-dispersions with high pigmentation contain the finest possible particle size reduced pigments. Our ranges in various carrier resins include:
  • Microlith® K for vinyl ink systems or solvent digital ink applications
  • Microlith® A for high quality solvent packaging inks
  • Microlith® WA for various types of water-based systems
  • Microlith® T for various applications, including wood stains



This range consists of stir-in fine powder pre-dispersions with a very high pigmentation typically near 90% pigmentation.

Xfast® offers you a lot of flexibility in the formulation of final products.

liquid-pigment-dispersionsLiquid Dispersions

Our liquid dispersions are formulated to allow the most flexibility of let down in a formula.

Flexiverse® aqueous pigment dispersions are supported by styrene-acrylic resin and suitable for aqueous applications.

Key Attributes:

  • Flexiverse HC is a high color strength range stabilized by styrene-acrylic resin plus surfactant
  • Flexiverse III is the latest generation of resin supported dispersions for high line anilox / low cell volume printing presses

Unisperse® surfactant stabilized dispersions are for aqueous formulations

SpectraRAY® F preparations are formulated for energy curing applications

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