SunBeam EB Offset

Electron Beam Inks for Paper, Board, Film and Plastic Packaging


The SunBeam family of electron beam (EB)-curing inks efficiently meet changing job requirements on a wide variety of paper, board, film, and plastic substrates.

With excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and a fast cure response, the SunBeam ink series provides high-speed electron beam curing for paper and board applications.

The SunBeam series offers:

  • Wide water tolerance for faster make-ready and color recovery to help lower print waste
  • High opacity first (offset) and last (offset and flexo) down opaque whites
  • Suitable for coating and lamination using appropriate materials
  • Excellent color strength and extended gamut colors are available

The ink portfolio also offers low migration for flexible packaging.

SunBeam Advance EB

Sun Chemical’s SunBeam® Advance EB offset inks meet the latest low migration and low odor requirements necessary to meet safe food packaging national regulations and brand owner guidelines, are made with no BPA-based chemical to meet the most stringent global standards, and provide low odor as well as very low residual extractables, while maintaining the highest standards of pressroom performance at the very highest press speeds.

The SunBeam Advance II ink set commercialized in North America has been specifically formulated to help increase productivity by significantly reducing the number of blanket washes. This ink system works on a variety of substrates, including non-porous types and addresses concerns brand owners face due to strict labeling laws, such as California’s Proposition 65.

Designed for very high-speed web folding carton and flexible packaging applications, SunBeam Advance II curable offset inks offer high transfer and excellent lithographic properties, adhesion and abrasion resistance, outstanding cure response, excellent color recovery after a stop, greatly reduced board waste, and hold density well to help improve overall quality. SunBeam Advance inks are considered high strength to help improve mileage.

Where flexible packaging applications are in focus, the SunBeam Advance 5 series is the product of choice. Commercialized currently in Europe, Latin America and Asia, the SunBeam Advance 5 series offers expanded gamut 7 color shades plus a blending range. The inks are designed for surface print and reverse print lamination.

Optimized for printability, transfer and adhesion on packaging films and meeting current food packaging regulations and key brand owner guidelines, the offset ink set is complemented by high performance EB flexo whites in grades for lamination and for sleeve and label applications.

SunBeam Advance 5 inks contain around 30% bio-based carbon (ASTM D6866-18 Method B or AMS), indicating the percentage carbon from modern “natural” renewable organic sources versus ancient or “synthetic” (petrochemical) sources.

SunBeam Advance EB is one product with sustainability benefits that align our goals with those of the United Nations in its Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our Guide to Sustainable Packaging identifies actions Sun Chemical has taken that we believe will have a positive impact in the development of a more sustainable packaging market.



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