Water-based Pigmented Inks

Water-based Pigmented Inks for Digital Textile Printing

Sun Chemical combines core knowledge in pigments and dispersions, textiles and digital printing to provide a range of digital pigment inks for a range of fabric types. Using state-of-the-art dispersions, Sun Chemical’s pigment inks offer excellent in bottle and on printer stability for maximized ease of use.

With a commitment to delivering environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions, Sun Chemical brings this vision to each development.  Digital pigment inks allow for a dry process with no requirement for water in the post print process reducing the overall impact of the print.


Xennia Emerald

Digital textile pigment ink for low and mid viscosity printheads

Xennia Emerald is a pigment ink for digital textile printing offering excellent print performance and system up time.  Optimized to reduce the impact of fast drying and short open time in the printhead, Xennia Emerald is simple to install and use on a wide range of printers.

Xennia Emerald has an extended gamut ink set including a deep black to ensure strong color and high definition prints.  Incorporation of a binder within the ink ensures excellent fastness and a simple process.  Xennia Emerald’s innovating formulation enables significantly reduced maintenance and start-up delays. This enables a reduction of waste, adding to the significant sustainability benefits of pigment printing reducing water energy and emissions.

Key performance benefits:

  • Outstanding print runnability
  • Strong application performance
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • Consistent color sharpness and vibrancy
  • Excellent stability over long production runs
  • Minimal maintenance and increased open time

Xennia Pearl PT

High fastness digital pigment ink for multiple fabrics

Xennia Pearl is a range of digital pigment inks for textiles designed to print to a full range of fabrics from cotton to cotton/polyester blends and even 100% polyester.  Designed using a carefully selected combination of pigment and resin, Xennia Pearl inks enable users to achieve the best fastness properties across all fabric types.

Xennia Pearl, a game-changing digital pigment ink, allows users to reduce waste chemicals and eliminate water from the textile printing process without compromising on color or application performance. The extended fastness properties allow for an increased life of the printed product reducing textile waste.

Xennia Pearl inks are available for low, medium and high viscosity printheads:


Ink name

Viscosity range/printheads

Xennia Pearl PC

Mid (Kyocera, Panasonic, Konica Minolta)

Xennia Pearl PT

High (Dimatix, Ricoh)

Key performance benefits:

  • Enhanced fastness across multiple substrates
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • Excellent color sharpness and vibrancy
  • Industrial print performance over long runs
  • Low maintenance



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Xennia Emerald Sell Sheet
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