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Advanced Materials: Electronic MaterialsScreen

Integrated Solutions for Electronics Applications

Sun Chemical is a trusted solutions provider for Printed Electronics (PE), Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), and advanced Photovoltaics (PV). We are leveraging our worldwide network of technological and commercial support to develop new technologies and products for various electronics markets. Our advanced materials team is the ideal partner from project conception to production. We deliver solutions, not just materials.


Sun Chemical and its parent company, the DIC Corporation, deliver a vast portfolio of advanced products and technologies to broad markets, including automotive, inkjet, electrical/electronics, architectural and industrial coatings, aerospace, printed electronics, printed circuit boards, photovoltaics, plastic cards, water degassing, and plastics.

Sun Chemical’s global presence, combined with advanced technologies and products from Sun & DIC, allows for the delivery of local service and support with solutions, tailor-made.

See below for a small sampling of our broad range of product offerings.

Sun Chemical offers a broad ink and coating product portfolio fully suited for screen printing in its many forms, from display graphics to multiple industrial and functional applications.

  • SunHytek

    Complete ink and varnish product line for the high-tech, appliance and automotive screen printing market