Color Materials

Color Materials: PreparationsDigital

Sun Chemical Color Materials offers a broad portfolio of pigments, including classical, high-performance, inorganic, metallic, organic, pearlescent, preparations, and synthetic mica pearls. Sun Chemical provides customers with solutions tailor made for their individual needs and requirements in the coatings, cosmetics, inkjet, printing ink, plastics and specialties markets.

  • Jetsperse AQ for inkjet applications

    Jetsperse® AQ for Inkjet

    Jetsperse® AQ – High color strength dispersions set for aqueous inkjet ink applications, featuring a self-dispersing pigment black and polymer stabilized cyan, magenta & yellow.

  • Jetsperse dispersions for inkjet applications

    Jetsperse® DS for Inkjet

    Jetsperse® DS – Ready to go, dispersion solution for Dye Sublimation inkjet ink formulators looking to improve their cost position or speed to market by eliminating the need to grind dyes

  • Yellow Pigment for digital inkjet

    Polytone® for Toner

    Polytone®– Pigments suitable to the standards required for use in digital applications are flushed into a resin of choice by Sun’s conventional toner partners.

  • Pigment dispersions for inkjet inks

    Predisol® IJ Solid Dispersions

    Predisol® IJ Solid Dispersions for inkjet applications offer a range of solid dispersion pigments developed for solvent inkjet purposes.

  • RJA Disperions Isopar (R) M

    D1400 series are dispersions in Isopar (R) M (CAS Number 64742-47-8, EC Number 649-422-00-2), resin free, for applications needing dispersions in hydrocarbons.

  • RJA Dispersions 2PEA

    D3000 series are dispersions in 2-PEA for uv-curable systems.

  • RJA Dispersions DPGDA

    D3500 series are dispersions in dipropylene glycol diacrylate (DPGDA), CAS number 57472-68-1.

  • RJA Dispersions EB Acetate

    D1000 series are dispersions in EB Acetate (CAS Number 112-07-2, EC Number 203-905-0), resin free, for solvent-based inks and coatings.

  • RJA Dispersions Ethyl Diglyme

    D1500 series are dispersions in ethyl diglyme (CAS Number 111-96-6, EC Number 203-924-4), resin free.

  • RJA Dispersions HDODA

    D3100 series are dispersions in HDODA for uv-curable systems.

  • RJA Dispersions IBOA

    D3300 series are dispersions in IBOA for uv-curable systems.

  • RJA Dispersions PM Acetate

    D1100 series are dispersions in PM Acetate (CAS Number 108-65-6, EC Number 203-603-9), resin free, for solvent-based inks and coatings.

  • RJA Dispersions PONPGDA

    D3400 series are dispersions in PONPGDA (CAS Number 84170-74-1) for uv-curable systems.

  • RJA Dispersions TPGDA

    D3200 series are dispersions in TPGDA (CAS Number 42978-66-5) for uv-curable systems.