Benda-Lutz® for Powder Coatings

Since 1910, Benda Lutz® has been the brand synonymous with the highest quality metallic pigments and preparations for powder coatings.

Metallic powder coating

The Benda-Lutz® portfolio consists of premium aluminium, bronze and zinc pigments for powder coatings.  Produced with state-of-the-art manufacturing capability and over 100 years of metal pigment experience, Benda-Lutz® Metallic Effects provide stylists with superior aesthetics and industry leading performance.

Benda-Lutz® Brand:

  • Benda-Lutz® Leafing and Non-Leafing Powders
  • Benda-Lutz® DEPUVAL Non-dusting Powders
  • Benda-Lutz® STABIL SI and MAXAL SI Encapsulated Powders
  • Benda-Lutz® MAXAL EC for single coat architectural powder coatings
  • Benda-Lutz® GOLDBRONZE Pigments
  • Benda-Lutz® ZINC Flakes




Benda-Lutz® Effects Coatings Brochure

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