Benda-Lutz COMPAL PC

Benda-Lutz COMPAL PC for Powder Coatings Makes Producing Brilliant Metallic Effects Safer and Easier


COMPAL PC is a new technology designed for powder coatings that allows for the safe handling of aluminum powders.  The unique product form virtually eliminates dusting, simplifies equipment clean-up, minimizes worker exposure and is not classified as hazardous for shipping and storage in most regions.

Key attributes & benefits:

  • Over 100 times increase in MIE vs dry aluminum powder
  • Highly concentrated, broadly compatible metallic pigment preparation
  • Compatible with many polyester TGIC, TGIC-free and hybrid systems
  • Developed for dry blending or bonding to deliver excellent appearance
  • Improvements in reflectivity and gloss can be achieved versus alternate methodologies
  • Non-dusting pellet greatly improves housekeeping and clean up
  • Not classified as hazardous for storage and shipping

Target applications

  • Powder coatings


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Versatile Pelletized Aluminum for Powder Coatings-CoatingsTech Magazine Article

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