Saudi Arabia

In 2017, Sun Chemical formed a joint venture with the parent company of Ink Products Company, Ltd. to create Sun Chemical Saudi Arabia LTD.

Sun Chemical Saudi Arabia LTD is a leading manufacturer of printing inks, as well as a leading supplier to the packaging and publication market in the Middle East and North Africa region. With over 30 years of experience producing a wide range of pressroom products, Sun Chemical Saudi Arabia LTD is a pioneer in the ink business for the entire Middle East market.

Our Standards

  • Operating in accordance with International Rules
  • The customer is always right. We consider our customers to be our partners.
  • We guarantee our product quality by issuing a conformance certificate to that effect supported by Sun Chemical’s International Laboratory
  • Proximity to our customers

Our Products

  • Solvent-Based
    • Flexographic inks for surface printing on flexible films
    • Gravure inks for surface printing and for lamination on flexible films
    • Overprint varnishes
  • Water-Based
    • Flexographic inks for brown & white Kraft paper, as well as tissue papers
    • Overprint varnishes
  • Press chemicals, including solvent to use with our inks

Our Services

  • Hands-on press side technical support
  • Color matching
  • Tailor made products as per customer’s requirements
  • On demand, On time delivery
  • Product Quality Guarantee certificate
  • Educating our customers in using our inks and solvents
  • Conducting technical awareness programs on-site
  • Proximity of our location, which helps reduce inventory overstocking, reduce shipping times, and reduce risk of problems related to long storage times
  • Rejuvenation of any of our old inks still held by customers

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