Smart Label PEN Podcast

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On How Sun Chemical Advanced Materials will Champion Smart Packaging and Smart Labels from Printed Electronics Now


Sun Chemical Advanced Materials is pleased to announce that Roy Bjorlin, Global Commercial & Strategic Initiatives Director, participated in a podcast interview with Dave Savastano, the Editor of Printed Electronics Now, to explore how Sun Chemical continues to shape the industry and drive the adoption of smart packaging, smart labels, and sensors in the consumer packaging market.

The podcast briefly reviews Sun Chemical’s 30-year history in the printed electronics industry, its major acquisitions, and its strengthened focus on photovoltaics in recent years. Bjorlin reviews the benefits and obstacles that might be encountered during the introduction of printed electronics to the consumer packaging industry.

Bjorlin and Savastano will discuss:

  • Major shifts in the ideology of consumer packaging groups (CPGs) and convertors
  • Transition from traditional packaging to smart packaging will be based on the technology-driven relationship between CPGs and the convertor base
  • Evolving relationships at all levels of the consumer packaging supply chain that drive change and create demand at the item and consumer level
  • Possible adoption obstacles smart packaging and smart labels may face from an infrastructure and manufacturing point of view