Introducing SunClean™ V3-25, a state of the art wash / cleaner designed to remove solvent-based, UV and cross-linked water-based inks from anilox rollers and presses. This unique technology dissolves and lifts dried / cured inks out of anilox cells to provide optimum volume.

Key benefits of SunClean V3-25:

  • Minimize or eliminate soda blasting and other cleaning processes that save an enormous amount of pressroom cost.
  • Reduce ink color changes for color matching. Spot cleaning or cleaning as a standard operating procedure – using this cleaner virtually eliminates the need to stop the press and adjust inks to match colors.
  • Improve production time. The time to clean the anilox is dramatically shortened compared to the cleaning time associated with soda blasting or other processes. Improved productivity as a result of not having to shut down the press to adjust inks for color matching.

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