Introducing SunConnect™

What is the SunConnect solution?

SunConnect Digital Color Sensor

SunConnect is a user-friendly, entry level digital color management solution for flexo water-based packaging printers who have not implemented a digital color management workflow because of cost and/or reluctance to digital technologies.

SunConnect enhances communication between the printer and Sun Chemical color centers for quick turnaround for color match requests, and provides press operators with an easy-to-use quality control tool to confirm their decisions on color.

The SunConnect solution consists of the SunConnect Digital Color Sensor and app for iOS or Android platforms with a desktop version also available to easily enter the field of digital color management.



How do I use the SunConnect solution?

There are many ways to use the SunConnect solution.


A new color match request

Using the SunConnect Digital Color Sensor and app, it is possible to measure the physical swatch of the new color you require and send the information digitally (cxf format) to Sun Chemical to match.

This removes the requirement to send physical swatches back and forth between customer and color center, saving time for both parties throughout the whole process.


Press operator tool

The SunConnect solution can be used by press operators as a quality control tool to confirm their decision and visual perception of color when running production. It also offers the user basic advice if the color is out of the desired specification.

Production results can be stored within the app, giving press operators real data confirming production quality.

Communicating production quality

Now that production data for color is being stored within the SunConnect solution, it can now be easily extracted and reported to third parties if ever there is a question on color reproduction or quality.

This conveys that the print supplier is embracing technology which in turn can be a unique selling point against competition.

Also this data can be used to identify opportunities to drive further operational efficiency in the future.

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