SUNFOODS™ Natural Colorants


Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC Corporation, have built on more than 40 years of experience in cultivating natural food ingredients and natural color extraction.

With the increasing demand for healthy lifestyle, clean label and natural derived ingredients, SUNFOODS™ Natural Colorants addresses the rising need for natural colors in a variety of food and beverage applications.


Our Natural Colorants for Challenging Applications

We understand temperature resistance, pH and light stability may be challenges you seek to stand with natural colorants. Our experts have the experience and knowledge you need to identify the most suitable colorants for your particular application.



Carbonated Beverage

Looking for extra benefits, less sugar,  and smart nutrition? Whatever you need; we make sure the right color is an integral part of your solutions.



Looking to embrace ethical and sustainable intiatives for gummy R&D and incorporating better-for-you features without compromising on indulgent appeal? Explore.


Pet Food

Gut health and sustainability issues are the main influencers of innovation in pet foods and products. Pick from our range of colorants to meet your customers‘ needs!



Vegan and plant-based chocolate continue to attract innovation. Also, unique flavors, textures and formats are inspiring in this segment. Learn more about our coloring solutions.

Ice Cream

Are you working to offer unique flavor and texture experiences? Let‘s talk about the most appropriate colorants.


Plant-Based Meat

Meat substitute brands are innovating around improved flavor and texture profiles. Here is why color plays a crucial role, too.


Cream Filling

Desserts and toppings are striving to offer in-demand indulgence and pleasure to consumers, while also addressing their concerns about sugar. Get to know our broad range of colorants.


Fruit Prep in Yogurt

Plant-based dairy is an ongoing mainstream issue, and is often together with the focus on ethical and environmental claims. Our experts help you find the right colorant for your particular application.



Consumer interest in ethnic cheese has been growing; more tailored tastes beyond the standard cheddar or mozzarella flavors are demanded. Match your customers‘ needs with the right colorant.

Learn more about SUNFOODS and our offerings for food and beverage.

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