Sustainable Masterbatches

Take Another Step Towards a Sustainable Future in Plastics with Masterbatches

Heighten your products with brilliant colors and durability, throughout a balanced combination of colorants and additives. The main approaches that help make plastics more sustainable:



Incorporating Biopolymers

Based on renewable raw materials, the all-new Sicolen® B masterbatch offers a plant-based alternative

Enabling Biodegradation

Sicoversal® B represents a bioplastics solution for biodegradable plastics


Sicovinyl® and Sicolen® R enable valuable polymers to be used again and again through the circular economy


Coloration of Compostable Biopolymers

Sicoversal® B is a certified biodegradable masterbatch to color compostable plastics and PLA blends


New Masterbatch for Bioplastics

Sicolen® B masterbatch is based on renewable raw materials, suitable for coloring all types of PE. 


Regrind Coloration

Sicolen® R and Sicovinyl® are established concentrates for coloring recycled PE and PVC


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