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Vibrantly Vegan Pinks and Red Effect Pigments

In beauty, cruelty-free and vegan claims are commonplace as consumers and brands move towards more sustainable and ethical products.

Sun Chemical offers breadth of pigments and products in the red and pink color space that deliver color and/or sparkle, ideal for creating vibrant and bold vegan color cosmetic and personal care formulas. These effect pigments offer intense color and dazzling shimmer. Based on multi-layer technology, get intense color without carmine. Ideal for clean and green cosmetics and personal care. Create a world of possibilities for globally compliant vegan applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Carmine-free
  • Intense, high-chroma color
  • High coverage metallic-like effect
  • Ideal for vegan and clean beauty
  • Luminous to shimmering effect
  • Globally compliant for all cosmetic applications
  • High stability—no bleeding, no fading, no staining
  • Natural mica is 100% USA sourced
  • Synthetic mica delivers clean color


Sun Chemical offers 562 vegan pigments and products! See them all on Pigment Finder. 

Intense Vegan Color with INTENZA® Effect Pigments

Available in a rainbow of high chroma colors and a variety of effects, the INTENZA® effect pigment family strikes the perfect balance between FDA certified organic colorants and pearlescent pigments. Based on synthetic mica, they eliminate the need for complex grinding or milling. Featured is a curated sample of bold, intense, carmine-free reds and pinks for cosmetics and personal care formulas, a range of saturated colors and effects, from luminous to ultra glittering.


Vibrant orange-red color with a luminous effect.


Bright and clean pink with a shimmering effect.


Rich red color offering an ultra-glittering effect, ideal for PET alternatives.

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