Sunfast® for Industrial

A line of dry pigments offering excellent strength, durability and resistance properties for the industrial coatings market.

Sunfast dry pigments offer the industrial coatings market all the desirable properties of phthalocyanine blue and green. In addition, they offer excellent resistance to crystallization and flocculation. These classical pigments also provide high tinting strength, durability and heat resistance.

Key attributes & features:

  • Wide range of cyans  and greens
  • Excellent resistance to crystallization and flocculation
  • High tinting strength , durability and ease of dispersion
  • Excellent heat resistance
Name: Sunfast Green 7
Description: Yellow shade, high chroma
Legacy Code: 2648735
Name: Sunfast Blue 15:4
Description: General purpose, non flocculating
Legacy Code: 2490592
Name: Sunfast Blue 15:3
Description: General purpose, green shade; not recommended for solvent
Legacy Code: 2491284
Name: Sunfast Blue 15:3
Description: General purpose; slightly greener than A80C
Legacy Code: 2499813
*Europe Only
Name: Sunfast Green 7
Description: Blue shade, general purpose
Legacy Code: 2647008
Name: Sunfast Blue 15:1
Description: Medium shade, easy dispersable
Legacy Code: 2480061