eXpand!® Stir-in Pigments

Explore color space with a pioneer’s heart

eXpand!® Stir-in Pigment Preparations Offer Unprecedented Color Depth and Enable Enhanced Sparkle, Flop and Gloss


Fully compatible with modern automotive water borne coating systems, these advanced pigments combine high transparency with a high tinting strength for unique, more intensive shades with lower scattering. By the strong reduced scatter you are able to formulate new shades with unseen effect characteristics without changing the chemical index of your existing formulations.

Additionally, the stir-in capability paired with a small particle size and narrow distribution makes the pigment preparation easily dispersible, reducing the time involved in the production process as opposed to conventional milling methods.

eXpand!® Stir-in Pigment Preparations are Available in These Colors:

eXpandRed ST 3017

The stir-in preparation boosts your productivity thanks to easy dispersibility while enhancing color depth, flop and sparkle. The durability of P.R.179 was not compromised.

eXpand!® Blue ST 6001

The stir-in preparation increases the intensity of sparkle, with low scattering of your coatings while experiencing easy and efficient processing thanks to the benefits of the indanthrone blue paired with low scatter.

eXpand!® Black ST 9005

The stir-in solution for high jetness. Reduced scattering leads to this unique black shade.

eXpand!® Yellow ST 1018

The stir-in preparation as bright as the sun. By increasing the chromaticity and reducing scattering, we found the path to an unknown yellow color space.



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