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Discover How a Full Lineup of Coatings Can Transform Packaging

Download Our White Paper and See How Coatings Enhance Packaging, Enable Sustainability, Engage the Senses, Increase Functionality, and Create Impact

shopping-experience-stats-70%-buy-when-touched-six-seconds-make-impression-shoppers-see-1700-packages-you-have-seconds-to-standoutCoatings today are used for far more than functional properties, they can:

  • Play a critical role in shelf life
  • Have the sensory appeal to grab the attention of shoppers
  • Help overcome recycling and composting concerns in the industry
  • Deliver late-stage marking needs to meet consumer demands for the complex and up-to-the-minute on-packaging information
  • Lightweight packaging (mono-web)
  • Support sustainability efforts of printers, converters and brands to reuse, reduce, recycle, renew and redesign

We invite you to download the white paper “How a Full Lineup of Coatings Can Transform Packaging,” and learn more about Sun Chemical’s latest innovations in coatings. You’ll learn the role coatings can play to help printers and converters and their customers meet sustainability goals, shelf standout and more. You can also learn more about our coatings from the resources below.

Discover How Coatings Can Enhance Packaging and Achieve Sustainability Goals No Matter the Printing Application

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