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Take Advantage of a Full Lineup of Coating Solutions for Packaging

Sun Chemical offers a full lineup of coatings that can enhance packaging, enable sustainability, engage the senses, increase functionality, and create impact. No matter the application, from folding carton to labels to flexible film, we have coatings that offer a sensory experience, comply with stringent direct food contact standards and block the intrusion of industrial grease and oils.


Using Functional Barrier Solutions to Achieve Sustainability in Flexible Packaging

peanut-packagingSun Chemical has coating solutions that address the common sustainability challenges that flexible packaging converters face and provides new opportunities to reduce complexity and enable more sustainable options.

Sun Chemical has developed a mix of products, including our SunBar® Aerobloc oxygen barrier coatings, which enable mono-material packaging while ensuring your products enjoy the same, if not better, shelf life. Our functional barrier solutions provide various levels of performance to enable a smooth transition into mono-material packaging without any compromise.

We can uniquely offer a full comprehensive set of products designed for flexible packaging.  These products can be combined to provide a unique and differentiated approach to the market.


Discover a Full Lineup of Coatings

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Transform Your Products into a Sensory Experience with SunInspire™ Specialty Coatings

film-reel-showing-packaging-like-a-movieIn the world of consumer products, the first impression is everything. SunInspire specialty coatings are designed to turn that first moment of truth into a captivating experience, engaging consumers’ senses and setting your products apart on the shelf.

  • Elevate Shelf Appeal: Our coatings don’t just enhance the look of your products; they transform them into works of art. The visual allure of SunInspire coatings ensures your products are impossible to ignore.
  • Captivating Visual Effects: Draw in consumers with the magnetic appeal of our coatings. From subtle glimmers to bold, eye-catching sparkles, SunInspire creates an unforgettable visual impact that grabs attention and holds it.
  • A Spectrum of Special Effects: Our extensive range of effects offers limitless possibilities for customization and creativity. Whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated sheen, a playful glitter, or a unique tactile experience, SunInspire has the perfect solution to make your products stand out.

With SunInspire specialty coatings, it’s not just about making your products look good; it’s about creating an emotional connection with consumers the moment they lay eyes on them.

SunSpec™ Specialty Coatings: The Gold Standard for Food Packaging

salad-packagingIn the world of food packaging, safety and quality go hand-in-hand. With SunSpec, our range of specialty coatings, you’re not just meeting industry standards for food contact packaging—you’re exceeding them.

Ensuring Safety and Enhancing Appeal:

  • Direct Food Contact Compliance: At the heart of our coatings is a commitment to safety. SunSpec coatings are meticulously developed to comply with stringent direct food contact safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for you and your consumers.
  • Innovative Anti-Mist Technology: Say goodbye to obscured packaging and hello to crystal-clear visibility. Our anti-mist coatings prevent condensation within food packaging, ensuring your product looks as fresh as it feels, enhancing both its appearance and appeal on the shelf.
  • Elevated Product Performance: With SunSpec, it’s not just about protection, it’s about enhancing your product’s performance. Our coatings add an extra layer of quality to your packaging, safeguarding the integrity and freshness of the food inside.

With SunSpec specialty coatings, you’re not just packaging food; you’re delivering a promise of quality, safety, and excellence. Our coatings are the silent heroes of your packaging, working tirelessly to protect and present.

SunSys™: Fortify Your Industrial Packaging Against the Toughest Challenges

paper-clamshell-packaging-filled-with-greasy-fries-chicken-sandwichIn the demanding world of industrial lubricants, SunSys stands as a steadfast protector, ensuring your products remain secure and uncontaminated. Our innovative solution is engineered to:

  • Impenetrable Defense: Effectively block the intrusion of industrial grease and oils, keeping your contents pristine and uncontaminated.
  • Enhanced Durability: Elevate the strength of your packaging, enabling it to withstand harsh conditions and prolonged use.
  • Chemical Resistance: Guard against aggressive chemicals, ensuring your products are safely housed regardless of the environment.

Choose SunSys for unparalleled protection and package integrity in the industrial world.

SunFuse™ Adhesive Coatings: The Future of Packaging

packaging-for-chocolate-wafer-candy-barOur comprehensive range of coatings in the SunFuse series is meticulously crafted to meet and exceed the diverse demands of flexible packaging film and paper applications, ensuring superior performance and product integrity.

Adaptable Heat and Coldseal Options

  • Flexible Sealing Solutions: With both heat and coldseal options in our arsenal, SunFuse provides the flexibility to adapt to varying packaging conditions. Whether it’s high-temperature resistance or cold application efficiency, our seals maintain integrity and strength under all circumstances.

Primers for Challenging Surfaces

  • Exceptional Adhesion: Conquer difficult-to-bond surfaces with our specially formulated primers and metalizing primers. Designed for optimal surface adhesion, they ensure that your packaging maintains its quality and durability, regardless of the material challenges.

Advanced Adhesives for Lamination

  • Pressure and Curing Excellence: Our adhesives are tailored for both pressure and curing lamination processes, offering robust performance and versatility. SunFuse adhesives enhance the strength and flexibility of your flexible packaging, guaranteeing reliability in every layer.

In the ever-evolving world of packaging, SunFuse stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Our commitment to delivering top-notch adhesive solutions ensures that your packaging is not just functional, but exemplary in its performance.

SunScreen: Real Time Coating Monitoring

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