ECG Technology Can Transform Gravure Printing

ECG Technology Can Transform Gravure Printing

Sun Chemical’s SunECG solution starts by taking you through an audit process to ascertain the status of the presses and processes you have in place, and to ensure your process control is of sufficient quality to enable you to run expanded color gamut (ECG) printing successfully.

For printers and converters able to take advantage of ECG printing, the benefits are significant, as there is no need to change inks on the press because all of the work is being done in the prepress separation to ensure that the color required is built up across each print station.

Ensuring Color Consistency and Efficiency

SunColorBox offers every customer–whether printing spot color, CMYK, or extended color gamut–a tool to manage colors and ensure their consistency. Across all platforms and applications, trust the experts in color for over 200 years.

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