Functional Barrier Solutions

Using Functional Barrier Solutions to Achieve Sustainability in Flexible Packaging

Sun Chemical has developed a mix of products which provide various levels of performance to enable a smooth transition into mono-material packaging without any compromise. We can uniquely offer a full comprehensive set of products designed for flexible packaging.  These products can be combined to provide a unique and differentiated approach to the market.

SunBar Aerobloc

  • This product has been enhanced with recent developments for use with in-line printing processes to assure barrier performance, reducing the production processes involved.

SunBar Paslim

  • This range of barrier adhesive was designed with new grades that include a solvent-based version for retortable applications and a solvent-free version for application up to pasteurization.
  • The solvent-free barrier adhesive has been developed specifically to allow easy processability of some polyolefin-based substrates without compromising the mechanical and dimension stability and avoiding the drying process of solvent into the oven and to open new opportunities to any converter not equipped with solvent based laminator.

Overprint Varnish (OPV)

  • Full range of thermal resistance overprint varnish which improves the thermal stability of some polyolefin-based materials during the packing line processability.
  • This OPV reduces the risk of jaw stickiness and improves production speed and provides similar performance of other plastic material commonly used as outer layer in multi-material solution.


In partnership with BOBST, oneBARRIER offers a mono-material plastic-based flexible packaging alternative and is recyclable. The solution utilizes the synergies between wet barrier coating, dry vacuum deposition and 2-in-1 barrier adhesive to achieve a high-barrier packaging solution. Learn more about our partnership with BOBST. Watch video.


Sun Chemical has the full solution to answer the sustainable challenges of the flexible packaging market. The portfolio has been formulated to address the common constraints that converters face and our solution provides new opportunities to reduce complexity and enable more sustainable options.



Sustainability Report
Video: oneBARRIER Introduction
Infographic: Transformation to Sustainable Flexible Packaging

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